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Zhenguo Yang, Guangdong University of Technology, China

Zhenguo Yang is an Associate Professor at Guangdong University of Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from City University of Hong Kong. His research interests include multimedia, news event detection, etc. He has published papers in IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TKDE, IEEE TMM, ACM TOMM, ACM MM, IEEE ICME, ACM ICMR, ACM ICMI, etc. He has served as a Special Session Chair for IEEE ICME 2023-2021, a Publication Chair of IEEE DSC 2020, a PC Member or Reviewer for more than 20 international conferences, including ACM MM 2023-2020, KDD 2022/2019, IJCAI 2022-2021, ACM WSDM 2022, and a Reviewer for more than 20 journals, including ACM TOMM, IEEE TAI, IEEE TDSC, IEEE TEC, VLDBJ, MTA, etc. 

Speech Title: Misinformation Mining on Online Media

Abstract: Online media platforms (e.g., news media and social media) allow users to share data freely, generating plenty of data that are publicly available. The public data records the aspects of people’s daily lives, and being related to real-world happenings, such as armed conflicts and attacks, disasters and accidents, law and crime, politics and elections, sports and entertainment, etc., constructing a cyber space. In the cyber space, there are some misinformation (e.g., rumors, fake messages, hackers’ behaviors, propaganda, and extremism, etc.) that may mislead the public. This talk focuses on the usual patterns of misinformation, the challenges, and how to identify the misinformation, etc. For illustrations, a deep learning model will be presented as well as experimental results. The talk will introduce some current work on data collection and future directions.





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